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Bucket List



Now, I’ve always wanted to travel the World, as do a lot of people.

This has a bit of a different edge to it however, when you have a family to consider.  Most people, once they have children on the scene, tend to put any adventures that they once dreamt about out of their minds.

Especially when your kids are ankle biters!

However, five or so years ago now…

I came across a book by Daniel Glick, called Monkey Dancing: A Father, Two Kids & a Journey to the Ends of the Earth.

It was a great read & inspired me tremendously, to the point that I started discussing with my then 5/6 year old son, where he would like to go on our very own ‘World Trip.’

And so it began.

This Bucket List therefore, encompasses places that we will build into our ‘World Trip’ itinerary, along with others that we might not get too, however they are never-the-less ‘to do before you die’ kinda things.

The list is far from conclusive & will continue to grow.

Now, if I were to spend the rest of my productive days stuck in the ‘Rat Race’ working for a wage, chances are I’d never have the time or money to make any of this happen….

which is why I decided to take a different path.


You can’t put a price on Freedom.



to experience…

(*W = William’s choices)


1. The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

2. The Himalaya (Tibet, Napal, Bhutan) – Snow Leopard (*W)

3. Africa (the continent of – specifics to be ironed out!)

4. Cuba (music, architecture)

5. Straight of Magallen, Tierra del Fuego – Commerson’s Dolphin (*W)

6. Patagonia, Chile

7. Fairbanks, Denali N.P. & Kodiak Is., Alaska

8. India

9. Sweden [DONE - must go back to explore!] also Sapmi Reindeer Migration

10. Baja, Mexico [Sea Kayaking - also see Adventure section below]

11. Istanbul, Turkey

12. Marrakesh, Morocco

13. Cairo, Egypt

14. Moscow, Russia

15. Gobi Desert, Mongolia

16. The Great Wall, China

17. New Zealand – Tuatara (*W)

18. Mardi Gras, New Orleans

19. Serengeti N.P., Tanzania – Wildebeest Migration (*W)

20. Elephant ride in Nepal

21. Camel ride in the Sahara

22. Krueger N.P., South Africa

23. Newfoundland, Canada

24. Iceland (Reykjavik) – (Thermal Spa)

25. Grand Canyon N.P., Arizona [DONE - must take the kids - plus raft & camp]

26. Galapagos Islands (*W)

27. Kathmandu, Nepal

28. Lhasa, Tibet

29. Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Brazil

30. The Amazon

31. Borneo, Indonesia – Orangutan sanctuary & Tarsiers (*W)

32. Bamako, Mali (music)

33. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

34. Machu Pichu, Peru (& Chachapoya)

35. Road Trip: Ride a Harley the length of Route 66

36. Road Trip: Drive a Jeep Wrangler the length of highway 1, Calilfornia ~ Stopping at Nepenthe & Big Sur Lodge (been to both before…must go back!). [Partly DONE -L.A. to Monterey- in my old wrangler!]

37. Ride the Trans Siberian Express

38. Venice, Italy

39. Rome, Italy

40. Chengdu, China – Panda’s (*W)

41. Zambezi River, Zambia (Victoria Falls) – (see adventures below, also)

42. Beunos Aires, Argentina (Learn to Tango!)

43. Monterey Bay, California – Whales, Sea Otters, Great Whites, Birds (*W) ~ [DONE - lived there pre-children, however need to go back so that Will can see the above. Plus, it's an amazingly beautiful place!]

44. The Artic – Orca’s (*W)

45. South Africa – Sardine Run (*W)

46. Egypt – Pyramids/Nile River

47. Okavango River Delta, Botswana (*W)

48. Red Sea - Coral Reefs (at night with blue flashlights?) (*W)

49. Idaho - Great White Sturgeon (*W)

50. The Azores – Sperm Whales (*W)

51. Christmas Island – Red Crab Migration

52. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India (little Tibet!)

53. Chichen Itza, Mexico


54. Tango Goemba Buddhist Monastery, Bhutan

55. Yellowstone N.P., ID,MT,WY

56. Yosemite N.P., California

57. Death Valley N.P., California

58. Joshua Tree N.P., California

59. French Polynesia – Tahiti (diving with sharks)

60. Easter Island

61. Belize (scuba diving)

62. Road Trip: Amalfi Coast, Italy

63. Road Trip: Cornish Coast, England

64. Road Trip: North Island, New Zealand

65. Road Trip: Seward Highway, Alaska

66. Road Trip: Florida Keys

67. Road Trip: Outer Banks, North Carolina

Suggestions welcome of more places to experience! :-)


to have…

1. Piece of land in the woods, by a lake, in the Rocky Mountains. On which to build our dream home and establish Thriving Adventures Life Camps on.


2. Jet Skis ~ to play with!

3. Sailboat ~ to see the world with!

4. VW Transporter & Jeep Wrangler (again) ~ to explore with!

5. Narrowboat in the U.K. ~ to live on and explore with when we’re back ‘in country.’




to Master…

  1. Skiing
  2. Scuba diving
  3. Surfing
  4. Sailing
  5. Sea Kayaking
  6. Wind Surfing
  7. A Martial Art (to be specified)
  8. A second language (tbs)


I added a new ‘adventure’ section, on the back of writing the Thriving Adventures Manifesto, and my mission to challenge myself to live a life without limits….do epic sh*t!

to seek adventure…

  1. Bike Coast to Coast across Northern England - DONE! 

  2. Kayak across Scotland via the Great Glen Canoe Trail 

  3. Hike the Appalachian Trail  

  4. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail 

  5. Trek the Manaslu Circuit, Napal  

  6. Bike around Iceland  

  7. Trek Torres Del Paine National Park, Chilean Patagonia 

  8. Bike the Baja Peninsula  

  9. Raft the Zambezi River  

  10. Crossing the Sahara Desert (Beyond Epic!) 

  11. Sea kayak the Broken Group Islands, British Columbia  

  12. Mountain Bike Morzine, France  

  13. Hike the Continental Divide Trail (seriously Epic!) 

  14. Hike the GR 20, Corsica  

  15. Bike through Tuscany, Italy  

  16. Hike the Pacific Northwest Trail  

  17. Kayak Vancouver Island, Canada  

  18. Space Travel!?!  

  19. Kayak The Inner Hebrides, Scotland
  20. Cycle the Tour de France Route 

  21. Canoe the Yukon River [outfitters

  22. Sea Kayak Doubtful Sound, Fjordland, New Zealand


‘Life is a daring adventure, or nothing.
Helen Keller



Ready for more adventure?




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