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Collaboration & The Champions Challenge

If you are not collaborating, connecting and Masterminding, you really are doing things the wrong way.

Far too many network marketers think that they have to compete with anyone and everyone in order to succeed…….wrong!

It really does take a shift in mindset. You have to stop thinking of everyone else out there, whether they are in your company or some other, as the enemy.

Instead of competing and fighting for survival, try locking arms with the so called competition, it works wonders!!!

When I began truly collaborating with fellow network marketers, as a part of the original 100 day challenge that I got involved with, led by Adam Chandler & Jordan Schultz, amazing things started to happen. Not only did my business start to take off online, but I also connected with some truly inspired, like-minded people, passionate about life and living it their way.

Champion Collaborations

On the back of those initial connections being made, many more are about to flourish, as I am now helping to lead a second challenge, primarily for marketers based in the Australia/New Zealand and UK/Europe time zones.

A few meandering thoughts on the whole deal…


It truly is astounding what can happen, when you connect and lock arms with like-minded individuals, and you start coming from a place of abundance and cooperation, as opposed to scarcity and competition.

Don’t do this alone

If you are out there in cyber-space, trying to do this by yourself, flying solo, I encourage you to reach out and connect. You will never look back.

You should also join us on the 90 Day Biz Builder Champions Challenge, all it takes is a serious commitment to driving your business forward, and a willingness to lock arms.


Life’s an Adventure : Make it Extraordinary 

Join us on the 90 Day Biz Builders Champions Challenge


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