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Why on earth would I Join the Empower Network? | LeeMWhite.com | Thriving Adventures

Formerly homeless? Formerly an addict? Sure, I’ll join you in the Empower Network!

Join the Empower Network? Have I lost my bloody mind?!?

Why on earth would I join these two Charlies (sorry, I mean Daves’)? One was homeless & lived in a van for pity’s sake and the other is a former addict who left home at 14 and was a dad at 16!

Who in their right mind would join the Empower Network with these two at the helm?!?

I mean, just look at them! Dave number one has some funky long, curly surfer hair thing going on and hides in the back woods of Costa Rica, and the other dude, well….

To start off with, they are both name Dave! Now, one person name Dave is surely enough, but…..Dave & Dave! Really? It just sounds downright ridiculous to begin with, doesn’t it?

‘Come along folks, let’s join the Empower Network with Dave & Dave….they apparently know what they’re talking about!‘ Really? Yeah…..Really!


No, I haven’t lost my mind!

These two guys are absolute marketing geniuses!

Ignore them at your peril!

If they say you should probably join the Empower Network, then you should probably just go ahead and join the Empower Network!



Because this thing isn’t just a product launch…

or an MLM…

it’s a movement…

a tribe…

of empowered entrepreneurs…

and it’s already changing the online/network marketing landscape…

simply gamechanging!

100% Commissions!

Nuff said!

This is why I decided to join the Empower Network!


I usually try and stay away from the latest new shiny deal. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

“Nope. Not for me thanks. I really couldn’t care less about your latest ground floor opportunity, thanks all the same! I’m fine where I am. More than happy with my primary company!”

I’ve said this to myself many times over the last couple of years when people have been spamming me with stuff, but this is different. The Empower Network isn’t just another product launch or another ground floor opportunity that’s going to make you a fortune…….this is a movement. An empowered tribe of entrepreneurs who are sick ‘n’ tired of being sick ‘n’ tired. This is a revolution.

‘Revolution? That’s a bit strong’ I hear you say…

Well, not really…


This really is a revolution. The Empower Network is a group of people who are coming together under a common cause, to make change happen. To affect change. To change the landscape of an entire industry!

Make no mistake, the industry is changing right before your eyes!

This, my friend, is why I decided to join the Empower Network!

Because when there’s a revolution taking place, I’m in!

How about you?

Gonna join us?

Or are you going to sit on the sidelines & watch?


“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”

Tony Robbins


I can already see my destiny taking shape right before my eyes following the decision I made a few days ago to join the Empower Network.

Ready to change yours?


Click here if you’ve decided to take control of your destiny

If you’ve decided…

to join the Movement…

to join the Revolution…

to join us in the Empower Network






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