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MLSP Leader Boards & the 100 Day Champions Challenge | LeeMWhite.com | Thriving Adventures

MLSP Leader Boards & the 100 Day Champions Challenge


MLSP & the champs challenge


The first 100 day biz builder champion challenge for 2012 kicked in last night….and it’s the My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Leader Boards that I’ve got my eye on!


The video below will explain more about why I’m taking part in my second 100 day business builder challenge…

and what that’s got to do with MLSP

So, let’s get this party started people!

One hundred days of ongoing consistent daily action!

It’s not too late to jump on board folks…

if you’re ready to take massive action to take your business forward…

go ahead & register…

we’d love to have ya!

Oh, and it’s still FREE right now….by the way!


Click through & get yourself registered!


To clarify then, my intended outcomes for the champions challenge [including that little MLSP thing]:

  • My number one desired outcome for the champions challenge, is to hit the MLSP Leader Boards by the end of the challenge, for increased sign ups. The current Leader Board for sign up increases can be seen below…





  • A secondary outcome along with the above MLSP goal, is to increase the value of articles and videos posted on Better Networker, with the goal being to be featured on the back of producing quality content on an ongoing basis.




  • The final desired outcome, which I didn’t mention in the above video, is to make it to Vegas for the No Excuses Summit 3 in April! It’s going to take some massive action to make this happen…but that’s what challenges are for, right?
    It would be great to meet some of my fellow challengers there! :-)


MLSP - No Excuses Summit


If you’re not familiar with MLSP or the concept of attraction marketing or Magnetic Sponsoring, I highly recommend you take a look.

MLSP is a cutting-edge educational platform that provides network marketers and business owners with all the necessary tools, resources, websites, and ongoing training required to build a wildly successful and profitable home based business.

MLSP flat out…..rocks!



…and the best part is that you can give MLSP a test drive for just $10!




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  1. Tristram Lodge
    1185 days ago

    Hi Lee,

    This is my first challenge and Im really looking forward to it. I wish you the best with yours and looking forward to reading more of your content.

    Tristram Lodge
    Tristram Lodge recently posted..Blog Header Design – 3 Places To get Your Own Blog HeaderMy Profile

    • Lee White
      1185 days ago

      Hey Tristram, thanks for stopping by my friend! :-)
      Looking forward to connecting with you throughout the challenge!
      All the best for the road ahead!

  2. Dana Tisdel
    1185 days ago

    LOVIN’ your post and looking forward to getting to know you during this amazing 100-Day Champion Challenge!
    Dana Tisdel recently posted..Procrastinate or Persevere…AKA Do Frogs Really Taste Like Chicken?My Profile

    • Lee White
      1185 days ago

      Thanks Dana! Looking forward to getting to know you, too! :-)

  3. Suha Sagban
    1185 days ago

    Hey Lee, great to see you in again. Looking forward to sharing with you and connecting more :) . Much love from Toronto. Suha.
    Suha Sagban recently posted..What do you really stand for? Attraction Marketing to the coreMy Profile

    • Lee White
      1185 days ago

      Hey Suha! Always a pleasure….looking forward to it! :-)

  4. Susan Redmon
    1185 days ago

    Lee, enjoyed the video … looking forward to working with you during the 100 Day Champion Challenge.
    Susan Redmon recently posted..Jim Rohn: Basics / FundamentalsMy Profile

    • Lee White
      1185 days ago

      Thanks Susan, glad you enjoyed the video!

  5. Wendy Elwell
    1185 days ago

    Great video, thanks for sharing. I really appreciate you taking the time to create it.


    • Lee White
      1185 days ago

      No probs Wendy, thanks for stopping by!

  6. Elizabeth
    1185 days ago

    The 100 Day Challenge has brought some Champions together who want to take their business to the next level. I am really looking forward to getting to work with you during this champion challenge period.
    Elizabeth recently posted..Empower Network Insiders 100 Day Blog Challenge : 3 Top Self Motivation StrategiesMy Profile

    • Lee White
      1185 days ago

      Hi Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by!
      Looking forward to working with you, too! :-)

  7. kiki
    1184 days ago

    Hi Lee!

    Hope you are having an amazing new year!

    I was inspired to join this challenge after watching your video…yay!

    but after I registered and logged in, the week one homework / recommended book etc just came up blank. I also couldnt find where to go for help

    could you help me please? any ideas?

    kiki recently posted..What can a “BAD 1st Date”, teach you about “Prospecting”???My Profile

  8. Godwin Okoduwa
    1183 days ago

    I am so motivated,Thanks
    Godwin Okoduwa recently posted..How to remain motivated in network marketing or mlm businessMy Profile

    • Lee White
      1183 days ago

      Fantastic Godwin! Glad to hear you’re motivated!

  9. Michelle James
    1183 days ago

    Great stuff Lee, as someone who was on the very 1st Challenge going to LTD2 was most definitely the ultimate for me, getting to meet Jordan, Pat and the others was such a great feeling.

    If you put your mind to it, your’r gonna do it.

    Glad to meet another Brit on board.

    Great video.

    • Lee White
      1181 days ago

      Hey Michelle!
      Yeah, I’m pretty sure I saw a video of you somewhere with some Stateside peeps, no idea where though! :-)
      Always good to connect with fellow Brits out here in the vastness of the U.S. dominated online world! ;-)


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